About Damascus College

Damascus College is committed to providing higher education. Our concern for academic excellence emanates from the belief that Christian higher education should be superior, not inferior, to that provided by other colleges and universities. The College feels that anything less than this is not to the glory of God. Therefore, every effort is made to provide the academic excellence worthy of a college dedicated to the Lord and necessary for the education of those preparing for service to the Lord in the days to come.

Spiritual Objectives

Studies at Damascus should enable the student:

1. To show a profound gratitude for the sacrificial work of Christ on his/her behalf which will motivate him/her to lead a life of sincere and comprehensive obedience to the Word of God.
2. To exhibit Christian maturity and virtues identified in Scripture as the “Fruit of the Spirit” so that he/she will be able to convey Christian truth both by precept and by personal example.
3. To maintain a well ordered devotional life and a personal program of spiritual enrichment and growth.
4. To demonstrate a concern for outreach and missions by actively seeking opportunities for Christian service.
5. To manifest a consistent Christian world and life view which shows submission to the present Lordship of Christ in every area of life.

Academic Objectives

Studies at Damascus College should enable the student:
1. To demonstrate a general knowledge of the content and meaning of the Bible.
2. To demonstrate a knowledge of the theological system contained in the Bible, with an awareness and appreciation for the history of doctrine and the issues raised by Systematic Theology.
3. To locate and use effective tools for ministry, including the tools of independent Bible Study.
4. To demonstrate a knowledge of world history, including the history of the Church.
5. To clearly communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others in writing, private conversation, and in public address.
6. To teach others the Bible and Christian Doctrine.
7. To express the Christian view of life.
8. To demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for effective Christian ministry and service.
9. To have an awareness of and appreciation for the great classics of Christian literature.
10. To pursue a self-directed program of continuing education for ministry.

Social Objectives

Studies at Damascus College should enable the student:
1. To develop moral and ethical standards so that his/her activities and interactions with other people will be to the glory of God.
2. To develop habits consistent with mature Christian character.
3. To live the Christian life as presented in Scripture and to apply Biblical principles in solving personal and social problems.
4. To promote justice and mercy in social ethics, government, social change, and contemporary public affairs.

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